Developing for Office, Office 365 and SharePoint

OSH04 Made for Mobile - Let the Microsoft Graph Power Your Mobile Apps!


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers

Technical Director

Flow Simulation Ltd.

As organizations embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and mobile devices overtake the desktop, you have to deliver business solutions that work on many mobile devices. Users want their data whenever they need it and on whatever device they have in their hand. And people aren't satisfied by a web site that sort of renders on their phone. They want an app.

This session will cover the options for building Office 365 solutions for client devices and find the sweet spot for apps users need to consume and update business data and insights. Then you'll unravel the libraries and APIs needed to efficiently and securely interact with Office 365 data using the Microsoft Graph. You will look at technologies that let you build for multiple target platforms with a significant amount of code re-use. You'll also use client-side development techniques that make your apps maintainable and scalable. And you'll look at tooling that helps you do the majority of your work in Visual Studio.

You will learn:

  • Compare the many mobile development options and choose the best fit for different development situations
  • Review the options for getting at our Office 365 data and more using Microsoft Graph
  • Get an overview of the various SDKs, Apache Cordova and JavaScript frameworks like Ionic(Angular) and React