Mobile Client

VSW09 Stop Creating Forms in Triplicate - Use Xamarin Forms


1:45pm - 3:00pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Matt Milner

Chief Architect

M3 Technology Partners Inc.

When building a cross platform mobile application, developers have typically had to create unique user interfaces for each platform. Even with cross platform tools like Xamarin, each platform required targeted user interface code and layout. Come to this session to learn how to define a single user interface in XAML that will render on Windows Phone, Android and iOS using native controls. In addition to the basics of rendering data, you'll learn platform specific tweaks, navigation, and messaging between the UI and view models.

You will learn:

  • How Xamarin.Forms uses a single definition to render a user interface on multiple platforms
  • How to provide platform or device (tablet vs. phone) specific layout hintsHhow to navigate between forms and message between forms and view models or other parts of your application