Cloud & Mobile

TMW11 Migrating to Office 365: Strategies


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

J. Peter Bruzzese

ClipTraining/Conversational Geek/InfoWorld/Mimecast

There are often three questions companies have when considering the move to Office 365. First, should we move to Office 365? Second, if we did decide to make the move, how would we go about doing it? Finally, what are my "morning after" blues going to look like? What am I not thinking about?

This session will cover all three, with the heaviest focus being on the how to make that move to Office 365 depending on the size of your organization, the current infrastructure and third-party services you currently deal with (anti-malware, legacy archive and so on) and ways to avoid the "gotcha" feeling afterward by planning ahead.

You will learn:

  • The pros and cons of Office 365
  • The methods available for making a move to Office 365 (ie. Hybrid Configuration Wizard, cutover vs. staged, etc.)
  • The top gotchas! including data migration, legacy archive extraction woes, on-prem services and the cloud and more