Windows OS

TMW06 Sysinternals – The Latest and Greatest Updates!


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Michael Wiley

Premier Field Engineer


For any IT pro or Developer on the Windows platform, the Sysinternals utilities are vital tools in your arsenal. While Mark Russinovich's popular "Case of the Unexplained" demonstrates some of their capabilities in advanced troubleshooting scenarios, this session will concentrate on the tools themselves. The focus will be on the updates to the tools since the release of the "Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference." We'll deep dive into some of the more popular tools like Process Monitor and Autoruns, as well as demonstrate and discuss the lesser known tools. We will have in-depth analysis using the Sysinternals tools and how they can help troubleshoot issues with applications and Windows.

You will learn:

  • A deeper understanding of the major Sysinternals tools (Process Monitor, Process Explorer, and Autoruns)
  • Advanced analysis of troubleshooting techniques with many of the other Sysinternals tools, including new tools (Sysmon), and when to use which tool
  • Understand the latest updates and changes to the Sysinternals tools since the release of the book Sysinternals Administrator's Reference