SharePoint Infrastructure Management and Administration

SPW04 Automating SharePoint On-Premises Tasks with PowerShell


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Ben Stegink

Owner and SharePoint Architect

Intelligink, LLC

How often have you had to repeat a task in SharePoint or make broad changes across your environment that affects multiple sites? This session will go over some basics of using PowerShell with SharePoint and then move into some scenarios and address where spending time writing a PowerShell script can help save time in the long run or provide valuable information to the business. The session will include lots of demos and "playing" with PowerShell to show what's possible.

The discussions and scenarios will include how to use PowerShell for SharePoint Installations and some basic administration of SharePoint with PowerShell. You'll also learn some reporting/information gathering on a SharePoint environment and how to use PowerShell to simplify and speed up what may seem like large scale change across SharePoint environments. The session wraps up with combining everything to show the advantages of creating/provisioning new sites SharePoint using PowerShell.

You will learn:

  • How to gather information about your On-Premises SharePoint environment using PowerShell
  • Large and small SharePoint On-Premises administrative tasks that can be simplified and performed quicker with PowerShell
  • How PowerShell can facilitate creating a much more uniform and manageable On-Premises SharePoint environment