Web Development

VST09 I Just Met You, and "This" is Crazy, But Here's My NaN, So Call(Me), Maybe?


2:00pm - 3:15pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Rachel Appel

Senior Developer Evangelist


This session makes fun of JavaScript, but you'll learn something in the process. JavaScript can be a passive-aggressive and fickle language that frustrates you at every turn. It lets you do things like declare variables anywhere, but doesn't tell you it will hoist them when you're not looking.

JavaScript's "this” keyword is anything but, and eval can turn good code to evil fast. This session blends comedy and learning and discusses common JavaScript headaches and mistakes and fun ways to avoid them. Learn tricks you can use, like the "this” keyword, JavaScript scoping, evil Eval, and the "with” statement. Not all equality operators are created equal, and that innocent looking parseInt? It does force parses. Sit back and dig into the fun of JavaScript language quirks.

You will learn:

  • JavaScript gotchas
  • Language quirks
  • How to lint code so as to avoid gotchas