SQL Server Features and Components

SQT11 Advanced SSIS Techniques


4:15pm - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

David Dye


Cape Coral Police Department

This session will focus on advanced techniques used in SSIS and what it means for the experienced SSIS developer. We will focus on tasks and techniques native to SSIS 2005-2014, as well as some of the more advanced and vague properties.

Attendees must have a good working knowledge of SSIS, as well as familiarity with VB.NET or C# as we'll take some time looking at extending SSIS with script tasks and components.

You will learn:

    Import/export multiple sources/destinations Use an execute SQL task with variables to replace dynamic SQL within a package Dynamically handle errors within any part of a package Use custom logging to capture execution events and counts Use script tasks and components to extend SSIS