Windows OS

TMH09 Windows Internals Black Belt: Security


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Sami Laiho


Senior Technical Fellow


Do you know how to bypass UAC and how to make it really secure? Do you know why Windows 7 audits hundreds of events, although no auditing is enabled? Do you know the difference between security policies and group policies, as they are in no way related? Do you know how to execute Pass the Hass or Pass the Ticket attacks or how to prevent them? Do you know how Windows access tokens really get built and changed or how they can be viewed with a kernel debugger? These are examples of things that Sami Laiho teaches on this Black Belt class about how Windows security subsystem is actually built!

You will learn:

  • How Windows security subsystem really works
  • How to effectively troubleshoot security related issues
  • How to bypass and harden Windows security barriers