Developing Add-ins and Solutions for SharePoint

SPH14 Mixing in Code with a No-Code Access Services Applications to Get the Job Done!


3:00pm - 4:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Darrin Bishop

Darrin Bishop


Aptillon, Inc.

Access Services in 2013 is a no-code solution that lets users quickly capture data in SharePoint 2013. They can easily create a SharePoint app to access forms and a SQL Server database. To get the job done correctly, the no-code solution typically needs a little help. This could be as simple as data validation or complex as integrating data into other enterprise processes. That's where you can leverage Access macros and even external code to help get the job done. This session will provide a brief overview of Access Services in SharePoint 2013. It will take an existing "end-user" application take it across the finish line with macros and external code. If your organization is looking to leverage Access Services in SharePoint 2013, this session will give you the background you need to understand how Access Services is setup and configured and how to program using macros and external code. The session will start out with no code, pass though macros and end with C# and SQL.

You will learn:

  • How Access Services is installed and configured in SharePoint 2013
  • How to use macros to work with the user interface and data
  • How to use external code to work with data and integrate data into other processes