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VSM02 Workshop: Triple D: Design, Development, and DevOps


8:00am - 5:00pm

Billy Hollis

XAML Slinger

Brian Randell

Brian Randell


MCW Technologies

Development is way more than coding. You need modern applications that are adaptable, manageable over their entire lifecycle, intuitive to learn, and productive to use. In this workshop, you'll learn how to start earlier in the development cycle with good user experience design, proceed through today’s complex layered development, and then refine and monitor the system during its lifecycle with DevOps. For UX design, you'll see surprising principles and a lean process to get a top-notch design quickly. In development, you'll find ways to increase the value of what you create by leveraging new technologies. With DevOps, you will see how to measure your systems, work with the IT professionals that maintain them, and assure quality throughout the system's lifecycle. Come and see veterans Brian A. Randell and Billy Hollis present a lively day of useful concepts and techniques for developers facing overwhelming complexity and change.