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SPM02 Workshop Getting up and Running with Office 365 for IT Pros


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Scott Hoag

Scott Hoag


Office 365 Solutions Architect

Crowley Maritime

Dan Usher

Dan Usher


Lead Associate

Booz Allen Hamilton

Are you managing an on-premises SharePoint system? Are you considering moving to Office 365 soon? Are you thinking about going Hybrid? This workshop will help prepare you by taking you on a deep dive to help ramp you up and understand how to properly configure your environment to let your users make the best of Office 365. During this workshop, you'll work through the basics of Office 365, how it's operated, how to provision an Office 365 tenant, setup directory synchronization and demonstrate federated identity. You'll step into Office 365 running in hybrid mode with SharePoint 2013, what the Cloud Search Service Application brings to the table, and what the future holds for experiences like Delve and Groups with SharePoint 2016 on the horizon.

You will learn:

  • The basics of Office 365 and how to properly select the appropriate licensing plan to meet your needs
  • How to properly select the right identity management solution, as well as the basics of directory synchronization and federated identity
  • The basics of SharePoint administration through the Office 365 Administration Portal, in addition to the basics of SharePoint Online management through PowerShell
  • The steps to remediating issues in your on-premises Active Directory prior to performing Directory Synchronization and the basics of AD FS configuration to allow for SSO with Office 365
  • What hybrid provides for with SharePoint On-Premises, steps to configuring an environment for hybrid, and the enhancements that the Cloud SSA will provide