Live! 360 Keynote: Microsoft 3.0: New Strategy, New Relevance


6:00pm - 7:00pm

Mary Jo Foley

Journalist and Author

The past year-plus was one of huge changes for Microsoft - perhaps the most tumultuous in its history.

Microsoft has moved from a devices and services company to a productivity and platforms one. Following on the heels of its "One Microsoft" reorg, the company has largely made good on its "One Windows" promise. It has refocused on its software/services core. And it has become a true cross-platform vendor and open-source participant.

All these moves have created some new challenges and questions for the company, not the least of which is how it will move to new business models to support its new charter and structure.

These changes don't just impact Microsoft employees. They affect every single developer and IT Pro using Microsoft technologies in ways that are just as profound as the changes themselves. But how can you track these changes and make intelligent decisions about your skills and career choices, especially at a technical conference?

Easy! Come to our Live! 360 Orlando keynote, with ZDNet's "All About Microsoft" blogger Mary Jo Foley. Mary Jo will be interviewed by Visual Studio Live! Co-Chair and Visual Studio Magazine columnist Andrew Brust, who will ask Foley about Microsoft's future product roadmaps, leadership outcomes, big technology bets and more.

Gaining context from this discussion will enhance your Live! 360 experience, and audience questions will be welcome. So come with your best Microsoft-centric questions, quibbles and insights, and get ready to supplement your developer skills with some serious industry analysis.