SPW06 Roadmap for a Successful Migration to SharePoint Online


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Ben Curry

Ben Curry


Managing Partner

Summit 7 Systems

Walk through a proven migration roadma from inception, planning, design, testing, execution to final cutover.

Many companies are considering a move to SharePoint online. For those that are, this means a migration is on the horizon. Let's face it, migrations are some of the most painful types of SharePoint projects there are. Enter in the complexity of a new paradigm (cloud) and things get even trickier.

Whether you're migrating from SharePoint on-prem or a completely different platform, some of the keys to success are to recognize potential pitfalls, understand your migration options, establish a consistent, manageable process and establish the right type of communication with the user community. It is also crucial to recognize that a migration is your opportunity to improve your SharePoint program and apply lessons learned - this concept should be built into all aspects of the migration effort.

In this session, we will walk through a proven migration roadmap. From inception, planning, design, testing, execution to final cutover (and everything in between).

When done right, migration projects can be successful, within budget all without undue impact to the business users.

You will learn:
  • Key considerations, potential pitfalls, and how to choose from the common strategies and methods for migration
  • Walk away with a sample roadmap for a successful migration to SharePoint Online
  • How to utilize the migration as an opportunity to improve their overall SharePoint program