SPT04 How to Improve the SharePoint UI Using Bootstrap 3


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Ryan McIntyre

Ryan McIntyre

National Architect


In this session, Ryan will demo how to build a branding solution and create a SharePoint App using Bootstrap.

Bootstrap has become the go-to standard for web developers looking for a simple and powerful framework to use when building websites. It provides many capabilities and features that not only simplify markup, leading to increased productivity and easier maintenance, but can also enhance the website by enabling the developer with a simple way to add complex capabilities that they may not have even known was possible.

Why aren't we using it in SharePoint development? There's no reason we can't! This session will provide seasoned SharePoint developers and designers with an introduction to Bootstrap 3 so we can review the components in the framework and learn how to incorporate Bootstrap into our solutions. Which components should we be leveraging? Which components should we be avoiding? How do we utilize Bootstrap to increase our mobile and responsive experiences?

To answer these questions, you will be introduced to Bootstrap and we will review its' capabilities. We then compare to existing SharePoint features so we can make proper decisions on when and when not to use Bootstrap. Leveraging this foundation, the session will move into demos of building a branding solution using Bootstrap as well as show the creation of a SharePoint app which will be built using Bootstrap. Coming out of this session you will have a clear understanding of what Bootstrap 3 is, when and how to use it properly in your SharePoint solutions and apps, and a new perspective on SharePoint development!

You will learn:
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • How to leverage Bootstrap in SharePoint applications and how to get started
  • See Bootstrap in action