VSH14 Building Maintainable and Extensible MVVM WPF Apps with Prism 5


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Brian Noyes

CTO and Co-founder


Review the key features of Prism and how to use them.

Prism 5 is a new release of the popular Prism toolkit that has been guiding tens of thousands of developers on how to build well-architected desktop applications for over 6 years now. Prism 5 includes new functionality for building applications based on the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern as well as continuing to support building modular, extensible, and testable composite desktop applications with WPF. In this session, we will review the key features of Prism and how to use them, including modularity, UI composition, navigation, and loosely-coupled events. Then, we will look at how to implement the MVVM pattern with the new features of Prism 5.

You will learn:

  • New features in Prism 5 and how to use them
  • How to use modularity and regions in Prism to build composite loosely-couple applications
  • How to communicate between the loosely coupled parts of your application