SPW14 Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013 Empowering Users to Change their World


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Jason Himmelstein

Jason Himmelstein


SharePoint Practice Director

Sentri, Inc.

Starting in May 2010 with SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft began talking more and more about "Personal BI." The focus of this discussion was a paradigm shift moving business intelligence from being something a few BI professionals do with a data warehouse to a practice done by Information Workers every day in familiar tools like Microsoft Excel and SharePoint. Over the course of this session we will show you the improvements that Microsoft has made in the 2013 stack to take this new focus from being a nice idea to a truly powerful reality. We will explore the improvements made to Excel, PowerPivot and Power View, and Reporting Services. We will explain the underlying technology that makes the new features possible and walk through demos of some of the shinier toys. At the end of the session you will walk away with a better understanding of what is new in 2013 for business intelligence, and an extreme desire to build reusable data model that will undoubtedly bring real value to your business.

You will learn:

  • Understanding the Microsoft BI story
  • Building examples using the Excel Data Model
  • Practical application of Power View