SPT13 SharePoint Platform Strategy and Conceptual Design


4:15pm - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Ben Curry

Ben Curry


Managing Partner

Summit 7 Systems

Platform Strategy. Governance. ECM. Information Architecture. BCSP. BPM .Business Alignment. Usability. ROI. SoR. SoE. What do these really mean and where do you start? There is so much fear, uncertainty, and doubt around these topics that many SharePoint professionals have no idea where to start and simply do nothing. But, when deploying SharePoint, indecision can be the worst decision of all! Come to this session to see real-world, proven approaches to project and platform success. You'll learn how process ties to content and how content ties to process. Last, you'll learn how to apply governance to your content and processes in a simple and straight-forward fashion.

You will learn:

  • What methodology to use to map processes
  • When to design for executives or users
  • Is "bring your own device" a reasonable requirement with SharePoint
  • How to gather actionable requirements
  • How to deal with orphaned content
  • How to govern your enterprise metadata