VSH01 Windows 8 HTML/JS Apps for the ASP.NET Developer


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Introductory

Adam Tuliper

Principal Software Engineer, DX


As ASP.NET developers we've harnessed the power of HTML, JavaScript, libraries, controls, C#/VB.NET, and more to develop some of the finest applications. Armed with your existing HTML/JavaScript/CSS knowledge, know that your languages are first-class citizens in the Windows 8 world. This talk leads you through the similarities and differences between the platforms, controls, data binding, navigation, and more all to get you up and running quickly to develop your Windows 8 applications. Love your current language too? No problem, we'll cover how to include other managed code in an HTML/JS application as well. We'll talk about other framework integration too such as jQuery and Knockout. Wondering if the time is right for you to develop a Windows 8 app? Windows 8 currently has a reach of over 120 million installations - each with access to the Store application that is installed by default so let's get started now!

You will learn:

  • How Windows Store HTML/JS applications are structured
  • When and how to use your existing assets in Windows Store projects
  • The basics of what WinJS is and when to use it for your code