SPH07 Third Party Solutions (Roundtable)


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Introductory

Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson


Business Unit Director

Keller Schroeder

SharePoint is an enabling platform, built for customization and extensibility. You may develop your own solutions on SharePoint, or depending on what version and edition of SharePoint you own, third party solutions may be a better alternative. In this session, we will take an unbiased look at some of the top solutions in the market. We will explain where to find these solutions, what questions to ask when you evaluate them, and how this changes in SharePoint 2013. We will save time at the end for Q&A and a roundtable discussion of solutions the attendees found useful.

You will learn:

  • About some of the popular third party SharePoint solutions for administrators and business users
  • What to look for in a third party solution and where to find them
  • How to create a checklist to help you make the build versus buy decision for your own solutions
  • Discuss administration, business, and training solutions that you have found useful at your organization