What Is Live! 360?

LIVE! 360℠ is an event brought to you by the producers of Visual Studio Magazine, Application Development Trends, Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner Magazine,  AWSInsider.net, Virtualization & Cloud Review and Futuretech.com. Live! 360 brings together Visual Studio Live! and TechMentor, established and respected independent tech conferences, with these well-established niche industry events: SQL Server Live!, Artificial Intelligence Live!, Cybersecurity & Ransomware Live!, and Cloud & Containers Live!

Attendees of any one of the Live! 360 events will have unlimited access to all six co-located conferences -- and it's all included in one low price!

Located at the beautiful (and attendee favorite) Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando, these forward-thinking and educational events are geared toward the IT, Developer, Data, and Security communities. Incorporating knowledge transfer, networking and leading-edge training on a wide range of Microsoft and other products, technologies, and solutions, these conferences keep attendees up-to-date with a look to the future.

Attendees can create their own custom conference, mixing and matching sessions, workshops and hands-on labs from any of the six events to best serve their needs. Because of the convenient co-location, there will be even more opportunities to access over 150+ sessions and speakers, 1,300+ fellow attendees, and a robust exhibit floor - all enhancing the event experience.

Learn more about the six (6) Live! 360 2023 Events:

Visual Studio Live!: has over 28 years of providing real-world, practical information and training to attendees with the cutting-edge techniques needed to solve development challenges with existing Microsoft products, shipping or soon-to-be shipping technologies compatible with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio.

Conference Tracks:

  • DevOps and Beyond
  • Database Development
  • Developing New Experiences
  • Technical Excellence and Leadership Skills
  • .The Core of .NET
  • Full Stack Web Development

SQL Server Live!: Provides a broad range of content for administrators, DBAs, and developers to help them do more with their SQL Server and Microsoft data platform investment. Sessions will cover performance tuning, security, reporting, data integration, adopting new techniques, improving old approaches, and modernizing the SQL Server infrastructure.

Conference Tracks:

  • Business Intelligence
  • SQL Server Administration & Maintenance
  • SQL Server Features & Components
  • SQL Server for Developers
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization

TechMentor: Providing in depth technical training for IT Pros since 1998. With zero marketing speak, a strong emphasis on doing more with the technology you already own, and solid coverage of what's just around the corner, you'll get the technical training you need for deploying, managing, and supporting Microsoft products and technologies. Expect troubleshooting tips, performance optimization training, and best practices from experts in the industry and Microsoft insiders. Plus, there will be dedicated coverage of Windows PowerShell, core Windows Server functionality, Security, System Center, and so much more.

Conference Tracks:

  • Client and Endpoint Management
  • PowerShell and DevOps
  • Infrastructure
  • Soft Skills for ITPros
  • Security
  • Azure (Public/Hybrid)
  • Office 365 for the IT Pro

Artificial Intelligence Live!: An innovative conference for current and aspiring developers, data scientists, and data engineers covering artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, Big Data analytics, IoT & streaming analytics, bots, and more from Microsoft and others. You can expect real-world training on the languages, libraries, APIs, tools and cloud services you need to implement real AI and machine learning solutions, today and into the future.

Conference Tracks:

  • AI Application Development
  • Bots
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things

Cloud & Containers Live!: a multi-day two-track event covering both IT infrastructure and software development aspects of cloud-native software design, development, release, deployment, operations, instrumentation/monitoring, and maintenance. We believe the future of most computing is the cloud: containers, PaaS, and serverless. This conference provides attendees with the knowledge they need to succeed with cloud-based infrastructure and software development.

Conference Tracks:

  • Cloud-Native Development
  • Cloud-Native Infrastructure
  • Cloud-Native Cloud DevOps

Cybersecurity & Ransomware Live!: a multi-day two-track event that will bring together some of the best content and speakers on Cybersecurity worldwide to help guide attendees in Architecture/Design, Deployment, Operationalization, and Certification. This conference provides attendees with the knowledge they need to succeed with: cloud-native security, how to defend against modern threats, how to communicate imminent security threats with executive teams, how to design and deploy applications in hardened environments, Ransomware, Backup and Recovery Strategies, and so much more.

Join us in 2023 and discover for yourself why Live! 360℠ Orlando is THE Ultimate Education Destination!