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Blazing the Web - Building Web Applications in C#

Speaker: Jason Bock

In this session, Jason will show you how you can use Blazor to run C# natively in the browser. We'll also cover Razor Components, JavaScript interop, server-side Blazor, and so much more!

You will learn:

  • Understand what WebAssembly is
  • See Blazor in action
  • Gain insight into the features Blazor provides

Estimated viewing time: 1:13:09 minutes

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Panel Discussion: Is There Such A Thing As A "Full Stack" Developer in 2019?

Speakers: Brian Randell, Adam Furmanek, Oren Novotny, Matthew Soucoup, Alex Thissen, Heidi Araya, and Moriah Maney

You're busy. Tech is moving faster and you have to know it all. Or do you? Watch this panel discussion to hear our speakers' thoughts about being a multi-talented master or a deep subject matter expert— or even something in between.

Estimated viewing time: 49:57 minutes

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Things You Should Never Do in Microsoft SQL Server

Speaker: Denny Cherry

In this fun session, we'll review a bunch of problem implementations that have been seen in the real world. Most importantly we will look at why these implementations went horribly wrong so that we can learn from them and never repeat these mistakes again.

You will learn:

  • What not to do in SQL Server
  • Horrible things people have done in SQL Server
  • Please make the pain stop

Estimated viewing time: 1:14:52 minutes

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Blockchain for the DBA & Data Professional

Speaker: Karen Lopez

With all the hype around blockchain, why should a DBA or other data professional care? In this session, Karen covers the basics of blockchain as it applies to data and database processes.

You will learn:

  • Understand the valid uses of blockchain approaches in databases
  • How current technologies support blockchain approaches
  • Understand the costs, benefits, and risks of blockchain

Estimated viewing time: 1:16:09 minutes

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PowerShell Tools and Techniques Basics for IT Pros, Not Devs

Speaker: John O'Neill Sr.

PowerShell is a super power for Windows admins. The problem is admins must focus on being admins, not learning the intricacies of coding conventions and programmatic constructs. Are you trapped in this black hole, with countless hours sucked away from your other IT responsibilities? If so, this session is for you!

You will learn:

  • Three foundation concepts empowering all IT Pros to leverage PowerShell
  • Tools speeding up PowerShell use
  • Turning one-liners into functions and functions into modules

Estimated viewing time: 1:15:30 minutes

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5 Crucial Mistakes Made in IT-Projects (and How to Avoid Them)

Speaker: Erwin Derksen

Many IT-projects don't meet expectations, run over budget and time or run forever and a week. In this session, Erwin shows you 5 things that you can apply to your projects to improve your results that are based on 20 years of experience in IT-Projects.

You will learn:

  • Setting expectations correctly
  • How to treat IT-people, users, customers and no-no's
  • Make progress and mistakes, don't just cover your a$$

Estimated viewing time: 47:48 minutes

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Machine Learning the .NET Way

Speaker: Bri Achtman

This session focuses on what's new with ML.NET and through a variety of demos describes how to build custom ML models like issue classification, object detection, and recommender systems from scratch, using both the API and the new Visual Studio tooling with AutoML support. This session is a great way to get a jump start with Machine Learning using ML.NET!

You will learn:

  • About ML.NET and how does it works
  • What kind of machine learning scenarios are supported in ML.NET
  • How to build a machine learning model with ML.NET

Estimated viewing time: 1:03:54 minutes

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Google vs. Alexa: Battle of the Bots

Speaker: Heather Downing

This code-centric talk demonstrates the approach you need to centralize your app logic and handle multiple voice interface ecosystems at once. Heather walks you through code examples for Alexa and Google Assistant integration, discovering the pros and cons of each in detail.

You will learn:

  • How to identify the differences between the Amazon and Google platforms that a developer has to keep in mind
  • Common development terminology for voice development in general
  • Basic code samples in C# / ASP.NET to interact with Alexa and Google simultaneously

Estimated viewing time: 1:13:27 minutes

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Fast Focus: Serverless in Azure 101

Speaker: Eric D. Boyd

Learn what serverless compute is all about and how you get started with serverless in Azure. Get an overview of developing and running serverless code in Azure. Explore how to integrate with other services, and trigger your code from events within and outside of Azure. And leave this session understanding the billing model, so you're prepared when estimating the cost of your apps.

You will learn:

  • An overview of serverless compute
  • How to get started with Azure Functions
  • How to integrate Azure Functions into your solutions

Estimated viewing time: 20:55 minutes

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Microservice Architecture

Speaker: Rockford Lhotka

It seems like everyone is talking about microservice architectures. In this session you'll learn about the benefits and costs of this architecture, the prerequisites your organization needs to have in place, and how you can implement enterprise systems using microservices and messaging. Demos and code are in .NET Core running on Linux containers in Kubernetes.

You will learn:

  • The costs and benefits of microservice architecture
  • Prerequisites for a microservice implementation
  • How microservices and messaging are related

Estimated viewing time: 1:16:04 minutes

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