Developing New Experiences

VST16 Sands of MAUI – Beach Reality


4:15pm - 5:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Sam Basu

Developer Advocate


.NET MAUI is the evolution of modern .NET cross-platform development stack, allowing developers to reach mobile and desktop form factors from single shared codebase. Mature framework, stable tooling and rich ecosystem demand a good showcase – let's go beyond ‘Hello World' apps.

The Sands of MAUI weekly newsletter tries to compile freshly minted .NET MAUI content and share developer excitement. Why not dogfood .NET MAUI to build a true native cross-platform mobile/desktop app – a real app in the App Stores with open-source code.

Apps written with .NET MAUI can leverage deep native integrations, platform-native UI and welcome code reuse with web technologies. Along the way, there will be glimpses into the realities of .NET MAUI development – lots to explore around app architecture, shared resources, Azure integrations, MVVM design pattern, polished UI, data persistence, notifications, build/deployment considerations, publishing experience & more. Explore a real-world app that keeps one tuned into .NET MAUI news – knowing the realities helps prepare the island mindset for beach fun.

You will learn:

  • Explore latest in .NET MAUI
  • Understand real world app considerations
  • Explore tooling and developer experiences