Blue Team

CRT01 M365 Defender - Custom Detections Everything You Need to Know


9:15am - 10:30am

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Mattias Borg

Cyber Security Geek

Stefan Schörling

Cloud Security and Infra Geek

Onevinn AB

As cyber threats evolve in complexity and sophistication, organizations must fortify their defense mechanisms to safeguard their digital assets. Microsoft 365 Defender offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to detect, investigate, and respond to modern cyber threats across multiple platforms.

This session will dive into the realm of custom detections within M365 Defender, providing attendees with a thorough understanding of how to tailor their defense strategies to their unique organizational needs. Participants will gain insights into leveraging custom detections effectively.

You will learn:

  • Custom Detections
  • Relevant Use-cases
  • Kusto Examples