Ransomware Industry

CRTH07 Protecting Against Ransomware with Microsoft Defender Solutions


2:30pm - 3:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Bi Yue Xu

Principal Security Cloud Solution Architect


Discover how to fortify your defenses against ransomware and other cyber threats with Microsoft Defender solutions. We will cover proactive measures and effective strategies to strengthen your security stance. Our goal is to equip you with practical tips and actionable insights with special use case scenarios, to better prepare you for potential ransomware attacks.

You will learn:

  • Securing Privileged Access: Use features like Directory Tiering and PAW to restrict access to sensitive resources and limit ransomware spread.
  • Microsoft Defender Application Guard (MDAG): MDAG isolates risky websites and files in a virtual container, thwarting ransomware infections.
  • Threat Analytics: Gain insights to understand and respond effectively to ransomware threats, including attack details and mitigation recommendations.