ABCs-Agents, Bots, and Copilots

AITH04 Integrating AI into Your Existing Applications Using Semantic Kernel & C#


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO


Semantic Kernel is an open-source SDK by Microsoft that helps you build AI-infused applications and agents. It enables developers to seamlessly integrate existing code with AI models from OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Hugging Face.

In this session, we explore how Semantic Kernel can help you in AI orchestration and give you the capabilities to create copilot-like experiences in your application.

We will go through some of the fundamental concepts needed to understand how to use Semantic Kernel and where it helps you with the automation of complex tasks by combining AI-generated responses with diverse programming languages. With Semantic Kernel, you can even allow an LLM to create a complex plan that can be executed locally, going far beyond what you might think LLMs can do.

The talk also highlights Semantic Kernel's extensibility, allowing the integration of memories, AI models, and plugins, making it a key player in the landscape of AI development.

You will learn:

  • About is Semantic Kernel
  • Foundational concepts to work with Semantic Kernel
  • How can you integrate it in your existing applications