Generative AI

AITH03 Advanced GPT: Agent, Do You Have a Plan? Help me Decide!


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Andreas Erben

CTO for MR and Applied AI


ChatGPT has showcased its prowess in drafting summaries, translating text, and crafting catchy marketing tag-lines. Yet, is that the extent of its capabilities? Amidst a barrage of hype around writing prompts for various scenarios, it's easy to overlook the potential for more nuanced interactions with these models.

In this session, we aim to venture beyond the superficial and dive into advanced prompting concepts that unlock superior responses. We'll explore the realms of Zero-Shot, One-Shot, and Few-Shot Prompting, delve into the essence of Chain-of-Thought Prompting or Self-Consistency, and unveil other techniques that stand to enhance the efficacy of your queries.

But why stop there? As we cast our gaze into the not-so-distant future of Large Language Models, the horizon is intriguing. We'll discuss the prospects of harnessing these models as the 'brains' behind more complex tasks – think tool-building, plan-creation, decision-making. We'll also ponder on the steps towards endowing them with a higher degree of agency, a leap towards more autonomous AI.

Yet, no technology is without its Achilles heel. A segment of our discourse will be dedicated to unmasking some of the prevailing weaknesses inherent in current AI models, a necessary contemplation for any forward-thinking developer.

Join us as we navigate through the evolving narrative of Large Language Models, from mastering advanced prompting techniques to envisioning their role in a bolder future. This session is tailored to not just inform, but to provoke thought, stimulate discussion, and fuel your imagination on the boundless possibilities awaiting in the AI frontier.

You will learn:

  • About the "Agent" concept
  • About frameworks and how to create agents in action
  • How to get started with your own apps