Blue Team

CRW01 Identity Management Threats and Application Governance for the IT Pro


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Jay Gundotra

Technical Founder & CEO


John O'Neill, Sr.

Chief Technologist

AWS Solutions

In today's world, every organization's digital landscape is evolving rapidly, bringing unparalleled convenience to their users. However, the dark underbelly of this advancement is the escalating risk of identity threats and the challenges surrounding application governance. This fast-paced 75-minute session will provide a deep dive into these pressing issues, presented by leading cybersecurity experts.

Attendee Takeaways:

  1. Understanding Identity Threats: Delve into the mechanics of identity theft, frauds, and impersonations, understanding their implications, attack vectors, and real-world instances. Learn about modern tools and methodologies employed by cybercriminals and how they continually evolve to exploit new vulnerabilities.
  2. Application Governance and its Importance: Explore the discipline of managing, implementing, and ensuring adherence to an enterprise’s application policies and procedures. Understand the importance of establishing a robust governance framework for mitigating risks, ensuring compliance, and fortifying security.
  3. Best Practices and Strategies: Gain insights into effective strategies for identity protection, including multi-factor authentication, behavioral biometrics, and AI-driven anomaly detection. For application governance, discover tools and protocols for continuous monitoring, policy enforcement, and data protection.
  4. Scoping the Problem:“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This quote speaks volumes about the first step in addressing threats. Learn tools and techniques to quickly understand how well-prepared, or woefully unprepared, you are when it comes to identity and application governance threats.
  5. Future Outlook: A look into the future of identity threats and application governance. How will emerging technologies and threats influence the landscape? What can organizations do today to be prepared for tomorrow?

This session will equip attendees with knowledge, tools, and best practices to safeguard their organizations and users. From CEOs to IT professionals, anyone keen on understanding and improving their cybersecurity stance in the realms of identity threats and application governance will find this session invaluable.