Database Development, Fast Focus

VST06 Fast Focus: What's New in EF Core


1:30pm - 1:50pm

Level: Intermediate

Jim Wooley

Solution Architect

Slalom Consulting

Entity Framework Core, Microsoft's Object Relational Mapping data access tool, was re-written from the ground up with .NET Core. By taking a fresh look, a number of features were changed and re-thought. This redesign caused it to continue playing catch-up to features added in 10 years of development leading up to EF6, while also exploring new programming options that have popularized since the original design came out, including non-relational data stores. In this fast focus session, we'll explore the additions to EF Core 2 and beyond and how they can impact your application decisions. This whirlwind tour will include such topics as Table Splitting, Owned Types, Query Filters, DbContext pooling, GroupBy, String Interpolation, Lazy loading, Value Converters, Data Seeding, Query types, Optimized correlated subqueries, Spatial support, and Query Tags.

You will learn:

  • New features in EF 8