Full Stack Web Development, Fast Focus

VST05 Fast Focus: Hybrid Web Frameworks


1:30pm - 1:50pm

Level: Introductory

Allen Conway

Microsoft MVP

Azure App Modernization Consultant


Hybrid Web Frameworks give developers an option to create cross-platform applications using common web technologies. By working with a single codebase consisting of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to reach both Android and iOS, your team can cut down development time and reach beyond browser-based web only applications. In this session we'll discuss some of the mainstream frameworks like Ionic Capacitor to see how they can be leveraged to build hybrid web applications. We'll also look briefly at the differences between Hybrid Web Frameworks vs other mobile implementations and the pros and cons of each.

You will learn:

  • About the basics of what Hybrid Web Frameworks do for you
  • About the differences between web, native, and hybrid implementations
  • The basics of building a Hybrid Web App in Visual Studio Code