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Cloud & Containers Live! Keynote: Beyond Cloud Hype: Enabling Success & Avoiding Failure


8:00am - 9:00am

Level: Everyone

Eric D. Boyd

Founder and CEO


In the dynamic, but maturing landscape of the cloud, finding the optimal path to extract maximum value remains a challenge. It's a journey that defies one-size-fits-all solutions, and the last thing anyone needs is to exchange familiar hurdles for unforeseen obstacles.

Join us on an educational journey led by Microsoft Azure MVP and responsiveX Founder & CEO, Eric D. Boyd. With firsthand experiences and a wealth of insights, Eric will unveil approaches that empower you to unlock the full potential of the cloud. Through real-world stories of triumphs and setbacks, you'll gain invaluable techniques to avert potential disasters.

Discover the very strategies employed by Eric and his team in guiding customers towards resounding success. From adoption guidance to cutting-edge DevSecOps practices, from architecting and developing cloud-native applications to effective cost management strategies - gain insights into the nuanced decisions and trade-offs that underpin every step of the journey.

Embark on this transformative voyage and equip yourself with the knowledge to make the cloud work for you like never before.