Cloud-Native DevOps

CCH01 Master Azure Resources Like Marvel's Lord Chaos


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Advanced

Chris Ayers

Senior Customer Engineer


Apart from the more popular Marvel Superheroes, there are a few underdogs too, where Lord Chaos is one of them. The same goes for Azure Services, where some are used by all, and some are used by only a few... but yet still giving you a punch in the face when you meet them. One such services is Azure Chaos (what's in a name...) Studio, allowing organizations to run disaster exercises and stress-test their environments for outages, and learn from it. In this session, Peter De Tender, Azure Technical Trainer from Belgium who recently morphed to Seattle, WA, will guide you through the concepts, using an action-packed demo scenario to blow you out of your seat. And Lord Chaos says it will be awesome!

You will lean:

  • About Chaos Engineering, the ultimate answer to running reliable cloud workloads
  • How to integrate Chaos Engineering for Azure workloads
  • Get demos, demos, demos