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Artificial Intelligence Live! Panel Discussion: Does AI Threaten Techies, or Does it Change the Tech Skill Premise?


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Andreas Erben

CTO for MR and Applied AI


Kevin Feasel


Catallaxy Services, LLC

Veronika Kolesnikova

Microsoft MVP (AI)

Sr. Software Engineer

Liberty Mutual

The dawn of generative AI has brought with it lots of hype and hand-wringing over the threat it poses to people's jobs, including those of developers and other technologists. If a major facet of AI is automation, then jobs involving repetitive tasks, even ones that are creative, seem in danger.

But maybe the central question isn't whether technical jobs will become obsolete, and instead how developers and other IT professionals can leverage their technical prowess in a world that seems to be getting less technical. All good platforms provide opportunities to innovate for those who build on top of them. Is the skill set for these future innovations one that leverages natural language? Visual design? Declarative vs. imperative programming? Wrangling the data used for training generative AI models?

This discussion will tackle these questions and more.

Join us to hear our expert panelists share their opinions, answer your questions and hear your thoughts, too.