Ted Neward



Ted is the co-founder of Solidify, a DevSecOps-focused consultancy using the AzureDevOps and GitHub tool platforms, where he works with clients of all sizes to help streamline their software development processes, pipelines, and tools. Prior to this, he was (and remains) the Principal at Neward & Associates, LLC, where he advised companies looking to figure out the intersection of people, process and technology. He's been at every level in the organizational tree—from software engineer up through architect, Director, and CTO—for companies ranging from sweat-equity startups to IPO-success startups to companies who've been public for decades. He's written dozens of books and hundreds of articles on Java, .NET, Javascript, iOS and Android, including a monthly back-page editorial in CODE Magazine. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, sons, three cats, seven smartphones, eight tablets, five laptops, and a serious electric bill. Reach him on Twitter as @tedneward.