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Several of the Best ASP.NET Blogs We've Found

There's certainly no shortage of resources on-line when it comes to ASP.NET. In fact, diving into all the ASP.NET blogs out there can be a bit overwhelming at first. There are so many individual bloggers and posts. Many are "official" Microsoft blogs or blogs run by Microsoft insiders, but that certainly doesn't mean they lack substance or value. Even the official Microsoft blogs mentioned here are more substance than sizzle, more source code than sales pitch.

Official ASP.NET Community

Here's where Microsoft hosts its official team ASP.NET blog, as well as some by ASP.NET insiders and independent bloggers. The list includes Scott Guthrie (who has spoken at Visual Studio Live! events), Ricardo Peres, Bertrand LeRoy, and Nikolaos Kantzelis. It also links you to ASP.NET Monsters, Andrew Lock's .NET Escapades, and Armen Shimoon's .NET Liberty.

Recent posts include a Channel 9 presentation that dives deep into Azure Analysis Services programmability and automation. In this clip, Christian Wade and Scott Hanselman talk about some of the programmability APIs and automation opportunities in Azure Analysis Services. The intent is to help enable integration with DevOps processes and enhanced application lifecycle management.

Other posts on the site cover topics like Integration Testing with Entity Framework Core and SQL Server and Generic Repository Pattern In ASP.NET Core. Then of course there’s also content like Three FREE Training Courses on ASP.NET Core from Microsoft Virtual Academy, which comes from Scott Hanselman's blog.

.NET Web Development and Tools Blog

This too is an official Microsoft blog, but it still has some great detailed content on the ins and outs of ASP.NET. While there are product-related announcements like Announcing Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks V1 RTM and New Updates to Web Tools in Visual Studio 2017 RC, there are also posts digging deep into specific topics like Client-side debugging of ASP.NET projects in Google Chrome and Bearer Token Authentication in ASP.NET Core.

Ode to Code

Scott Allen's Ode to Code is an excellent resource. Scott’s easy open style can help guide you through some of the more complex topics related to ASP.NET. Some of his recent posts have covered AddFeatureFolders and UseNodeModules on Nuget For ASP.NET Core, Updated Videos for ASP.NET Core and Database Migrations and Seeding in ASP.NET Core.

Fear and Loathing

I particularly like the tone of this blog, which describes itself as "Gonzo blogging from the Annie Leibovitz of the software development world." Perfect. Bil Simser, the blogger behind the "Annie" and "Hunter," dives deep into topics like automatically publishing NuGet packages from GitHub. While it appears he hasn’t posted too much recently, there’s still good content on there. Here's a sample of his tone: "There must be a better way. We have the technology. We have the capability to make this process easy."

I'll keep searching for more ASP.NET blogs, but if you have one you really like, shoot me an email at and I'll add it to the list.

Posted by Lafe Low on 01/25/2017 at 1:30 PM


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