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5 In-Depth Live! 360 Speaker Q&As on Office 365, PowerShell, Java & More

Excitement is mounting for this year’s Live! 360 event in Orlando, December 5 – 9.

Just in case you're not all caught up, here’s a recap of all the Live! 360 Q&A coverage the 2016 speakers have received recently:

John K. Waters, App Dev Trends Co-Conference Chair, Interview with Keyote Speaker Reza Rahman

In March we announced that ADTmag is participating this year in the very popular Live! 360 conference, scheduled for December 5-9 at Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando. This multi-conference conference comprises Visual Studio Live!, SQL Server Live!, Office/SharePoint Live!, Modern Apps Live!, TechMentor and now App Dev Trends 2016. (We don't have the signature exclamation point in this event title, but we're just as excited!)

We're especially thrilled to announced our keynote speaker, Reza Rahman. As many know, Rahman has been one of the chief drivers behind the Java EE Guardians and an expanding effort to encourage Oracle to give enterprise Java the attention it deserves and to preserve the overall interests of the Java EE community.

Read the full story here:

Michael Remijan Q&A (App Dev Trends)

App Dev Trends/Live! 360 speaker Michael Remijan shares how these will revolutionize the Java collection process, shows how it will change your code and talks about common misconceptions.

Read the full story here:

Dan Usher and Scott Hoag Q&A (Office & SharePoint Live!)

Office & SharePoint Live! presenters Dan Usher and Scott Hoag discuss how you can simplify your life with automation.

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Conference Co-Chair Don Jones Q&A (TechMentor)

Don Jones, TechMentor presenter and conference co-chair, discusses some of his observations on how people are using PowerShell, and how they could do a better job.

Read the full story here:

Vlad Catrinescu Q&A (Office & SharePoint Live!)

A Microsoft SharePoint MVP shares his insights on what PowerShell can do for you with Office 365.

Read the full story here:

Still much more to come and we hope to see you in Orlando!

Posted by Lafe Low on 10/27/2016 at 1:30 PM


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