The Core of .NET

    The heart of the Microsoft development experience has been the .NET Framework. But it's changed a lot in the era of .NET Core. And now we have a single, unified version, .NET 7. You need to understand these major changes in the platform, not to mention the cool features being added to C#. These are the foundation-level topics you need to know for success in the Microsoft development world and we've got sessions and hands-on options for you to explore!

    Topics in this track include:

    • Asynchronous and Parallel Programming in C#
    • Busting .NET Myths
    • C# Past, Present, and Beyond
    • DI Why? Getting a Grip on Dependency Injection
    • Getting Polygot Notebooks
    • Go (con)figure - Making Sense of the .NET Configuration System
    • Improving Code Quality with Static Analyzers
    • LINQ - It's Not Just for Databases
    • What's New in Modern .NET Library APIs