Modern Software Engineering

    The heart of Modern Software Engineering is building and delivering software faster, reducing complexity and risk, all without sacrificing quality – quality of the software AND quality of the experience of everyone involved in building and delivering that software. The list of technical strategies, tools, and leading practices that enable modern software engineering is long and are evolving rapidly. This track will help you stay on top of leading DevOps, DevSecOps, and platform engineering practices, tools, and strategies. Expect us to dig in on providing remote access, robust environments, and automation that is secure, easy to access, and readily available.

    You’ll find coverage of:

    • Advanced GitHub Actions
    • Are You Writing Readable Code?
    • Be More Productive with Using GitHub Copilot and GitHub Codespaces Today and GitHub Copilot X in the Future
    • Busy Architect's Guide to the Fallacies of Enterprise Systems
    • CodeToCloud with GitHub and Azure DevOps
    • DevOps is Dead, Long Live DevOps!
    • From One Release Per Quarter to 30 Times a Day
    • GitHub CLI
    • I Love YAML: Using Azure DevOps to Build and Release to Azure
    • Ship Faster, More Securely with Azure PaaS and GitHub Enterprise Cloud
    • The Not-so-SOLID Principles of Software Development
    • Writing Maintainable Test Automation