Human Factors in Engineering

    When engineering software, systems, and processes, one factor that is key to success, that is particularly complex and challenging to account for, and is often not focused on proactively – is the human factor. Drucker famously said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast", meaning that the best laid system architecture, cloud strategies, and DevOps pipelines are only as effective as the people and teams who are implementing those brilliant plans. And to be effective, those individuals and teams need leaders who are connected and present and who provide clear vision and priorities for their teams to align to. They also need to work within a culture that embraces and encourages experimentation, learning, and continuous improvement, with access to tools and processes that reduce friction and boost collaboration. The sessions in the Human Factors in Engineering track focus on topics that will be relevant and useful for a lifetime regardless of the platform, languages, and "best practices" that you use along the way.

    Topics in this track include:

    • Busy Manager's Guide to Performance Management
    • Culture Club: Building a Strong Engineering Culture from the Ground Up
    • Mapping the Path to Value: The Missing Piece of Your Agile-DevOps Transition
    • Mastering Human Factors
    • Measuring Up! How To Choose Agile Metrics Your Team Won't Hate
    • Rethinking Team Metrics in 20 Minutes
    • Scrum Trek: The Next Generation – Warp Speed with Flow Metrics
    • The Importance of Cultivating a DevOps Mindset