Generative AI

    Generative AI offers an incredible frontier to expand your capabilities, enabling the creation of dynamic, personalized content ranging from text to images, music, and even code, based on learned patterns. In this track, you can unpack the dynamics between Azure OpenAI and OpenAI Services, learning about their unique features and applications. Gain valuable insights into enhancing organizational productivity using a powerful blend of Azure OpenAI, AI Builder, Syntex, and Cognitive Services. Venture further into data-driven insights with a focused session on using OpenAI, Azure SQL, Python, LangChain, and VS Code to unlock the hidden potentials of your data. Prepare to have your mind blown in an exhilarating exploration beyond ChatGPT, where you'll discover the unimaginable capabilities of Generative AI. Supplement your knowledge with a fast focus session providing an insider’s look into Azure OpenAI Service, and cement your understanding in an all-day workshop, the Azure Open AI Master Class. By mastering this cutting-edge technology, you can pioneer innovative solutions and user experiences, thereby increasing the value and impact of your applications in an increasingly AI-driven digital world.