Developing New Experiences

    The expectations around "user experience" are being upended right before our eyes. In today's world you need to understand not only graphical interactions with keyboard, mouse, touch, and stylus, but also gesture, 3D, mixed-reality, and more. Fortunately, we've got you covered with content for rich multi-platform apps covering Windows, macOS, mobile and more!

    This track includes coverage of the following:

    • Aloha .NET MAUI! Extending Apps to Mobile and Desktop with Blazor Hybrid
    • Blazor on Desktop: PWA, Electron or .NET MAUI
    • Busy Developer's Guide to Flutter
    • Coding 4 Fun: 8-bit Game Emulation in .NET
    • Design Thinking for Software Development Teams
    • Improving Legacy Applications with UX Design
    • State of Mobile Development
    • The Microsoft Metaverse - Mesh and More. What's Going On?