Full Stack Web Development, Full Day Hands-On Labs

VSLHOL01 Hands-on Lab: Build an ASP.NET Core Razor Pages App with EF Core in a Day


9:00am - 6:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Philip Japikse

Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, MCSD, PSM II, PSD and PST

Developer, Coach, Author, Teacher

Interested in ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core, but unsure where to start? Start here with an all-day hands-on Lab where you will build a complete solution using the latest development technology from Microsoft. You will create a data access library using Entity Framework Core, complete with repos and migrations. Next, you will build an ASP.NET Core web application using Razor Pages, leveraging all of the latest ASP.NET Core has to offer, including Tag Helpers, View Components, Dependency Injection, and more!

You will learn:

  • ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Build an app in a day