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TechMentor Panel Discussion: Operationalizing the Cloud - Strategies and Best Practices for Seamless Cloud Integration in Your Organization


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Émile Cabot

Microsoft MVP

Principal Consultant

TriCon Elite Consulting

Michael Niehaus

Principal R&D Engineer


Jan Ketil Skanke

Security MVP, Enterprise Mobility MVP

COO and Principal Cloud Architect


Join this panel discussion for a comprehensive exploration of effective approaches and best practices for integrating cloud solutions into organizational operations. During this engaging hour, industry experts and thought leaders will share their insights and experiences, providing valuable guidance on how to navigate the complexities of cloud adoption and leverage its potential for business success. Key topics of discussion will include cloud migration strategies, optimizing cloud operations, and ensuring security and compliance in the cloud environment.

You will learn:

  • Insights into different cloud migration strategies and understand how to choose the most suitable approach for your organization
  • Best practices for optimizing cloud operations, including cost management, performance optimization, and scalability
  • The importance of security and compliance in the cloud environment and learn effective strategies for ensuring data protection and regulatory adherence