Cloud-Native DevOps

CCH01 Master Azure Resources Like Marvel's Lord Chaos


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Advanced

Chris Ayers

Senior Customer Engineer


Apart from the more popular Marvel Superheroes, there are a few underdogs too, where Lord Chaos is one of them. The same goes for Azure Services, where some are used by all, and some are used by only a few... but yet still giving you a punch in the face when you meet them. One such services is Azure Chaos (what's in a name...) Studio, allowing organizations to run disaster exercises and stress-test their environments for outages, and learn from it. In this session, Chris Ayers, Sr. Customer Engineer at Microsoft, will guide you through the concepts, using an action-packed demo scenario to blow you out of your seat. And Lord Chaos says it will be awesome!

You will lean:

  • About Chaos Engineering, the ultimate answer to running reliable cloud workloads
  • How to integrate Chaos Engineering for Azure workloads
  • Get demos, demos, demos