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SQL Server is still the heavyweight—the juggernaut of enterprise-grade database management systems. If your organization is storing and managing your customer data with SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio, and you’re the one driving the bus, chances are you could use a little help. Welcome to the world of SQL shortcuts. We took to the blog world to find some of the best, most cleverly crafted, and most time-saving SQL Server shortcuts.

SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

This page compiles the latest and greatest SQL Server shortcuts. And it's straight from the source, as this is a Microsoft site. The intro page begins with, "SQL Server Management Studio offers users two keyboard schemes. By default, it uses the SQL Server 2017 scheme, with keyboard shortcuts based on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Management Studio also offers a keyboard scheme similar to the standard scheme from SQL Server 2008 R2. To change the keyboard scheme or add additional keyboard shortcuts, on the Tools menu, click Options. Select the desired keyboard scheme on the Environment, Keyboard page."

It presents an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts for SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server 2008 R2. Many are the same for both versions, but there are some subtle differences. Some of the shortcuts are Display the Query Designer, which is CTRL+SHIFT+Q for both versions; Display the Add New Item dialog box to add a new file to the current project, which is CTRL+SHIFT+A for both versions, and Move to the next tool window, which is ALT+F6 for both versions or F6 in the Database Engine Query Editor in SQL Server 2017.

11 Keyboard Shortcuts Every SQL Server Geek Should Know

Who doesn't love a list? This site presents a list of the top SQL Server Management Studio shortcuts everyone should know. "A smart programmer knows the ins and outs of the IDE in which he works. Keyboard shortcuts save a lot of time and can improve productivity as well. SQL Server Management Studio has included over 100 keyboard shortcuts. Here, we will explore the most essential shortcuts which will make our daily programming life more easy and intuitive." Each tip is illustrated with screen shots and an example of how it can save you time.

The list includes:

  • Open a new Query Window with current connection (Ctrl + N)
  • Toggle between opened tabs (Ctrl + Tab)
  • Show/Hide Results pane (Ctrl + R)
  • Execute highlighted query (Ctrl + E)
  • Cancel the executing query (Alt + Break or Alt + Scroll Lock)

SQL Server Shortcut keys Enlisted

Sometimes you just need to cut to the chase. If you're just looking for a nice long list with just about every SQL Server shortcut you'll ever need, this is the place. "Query Analyzer is a great tool to have and here is a list of all shortcut keys you can use to speed up your keyboard capabilities to use Query Analyzer."

This nicely organized, categorized, and alphabetized list presents a handful of shortcuts that will save you tons of time. Here are just a few:

  • Bookmarks: Move to previous bookmark. SHIFT+F2
  • Editing: Delete through the end of a line in the Editor pane. CTRL+DEL
  • Navigation: Window Selector. CTRL+W
  • Tuning: Index Tuning Wizard. CTRL+I

Posted by Lafe Low on 10/11/2017 at 12:43 PM


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