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3 of the Best Angular Books to Add to Your Developer Toolbox

While Angular has been around for a while, finding some good solid resources to support your Angular efforts can be a little tough.

Thankfully, Angular experts—some you may have heard of and some who may be new to you—have filled bookshelves across the world and the blogosphere with some excellent resources.

So to help you refine your skills with this framework, here are three of the best Angular books to include in your reading list:

1. Pro AngularJS, Adam Freeman

Intended for those who already have a working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Adam Freeman’s excellent title Pro AngularJS (from Apress) leaves virtually no Angular stone unturned. After introducing some of the more intermediate and advanced features in AngularJS, he dives into a thorough description of the MVC Pattern to separate logic, data and presentation code; creating robust web apps with AngularJS; extending HTML with declarative syntax; extending and customizing AngularJS; as well as testing, refining and deployment processes. One nice thing about Pro AngularJS is that it is platform agnostic. It covers a range of browsers throughout the text.

2. AngularJS Web Application Development Cookbook, Matt Frisbie

The AngularJS Web Application Development Cookbook (from Packt Publishing) by Matt Frisbie will get you cooking on your AngularJS-based web apps. The book is full of examples and descriptions. It will provide you with quick answers to your Angular questions, help you with problem solving as you develop apps with Angular, and provide you with plenty of easy to understand examples. Frisbie’s cookbook brings you recipes for architecting AngularJS applications designed to scale, writing robust test suites, creating application modules, syntax and browser tricks, and optimizing your AngularJS creations for maximum performance.

3. AngularJS UI Development, Amit Gharat

Another title from Packt focuses on interface design. AngularJS UI Development, written by Amit Gharat and Matthias Nehlsen, covers topics such as developing and using responsive layouts and powerful CSS3 frameworks (such as Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation) to design mobile-friendly applications, how to solve some of the common UI design problems, and ensuring your app is sufficiently dynamic by integrating RESTful APIs in AngularJS. This detailed book also delivers a thorough overview of CSS-responsive frameworks, various UI widgets, and Angular internals.

Additional Reading...

You can get a regular dose of Angular expertise by signing up for John Papa’s weekly Angular podcasts. Find him at Angular 2 seems to loom large in John Papa’s mind, as it does with many other Angular experts. Recent podcasts have covered Angular 2 in a .NET World, Upgrading from Angular 1.x to Angular 2, Angular 2 Final is Released, and NgModule. All these podcasts are listed like a table of contents, including the original air date. He also lists conferences at which he’ll be speaking and details of other content he is creating or has created. You can see him at Live! 360 in Orlando this December 5-9.

Check out any or all of these resources to hone your AngularJS skills!

Posted by Lafe Low on 10/10/2016 at 1:30 PM


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