Full Stack Web Development, Full Day Hands-On Labs

VSS02 Hands-On Lab: React


9:00am - 6:00pm

Ted Neward


Neward & Associates, LLC.

In the world of the Single-Page Application (SPA), one name that appears over and over again is that of React, a JavaScript web framework that does things a little differently--and with great effect. But getting started with React is a higher bar than some other JavaScript frameworks, because if you don't do things the way React intends, it gets really tricky really quickly. In this workshop, we'll start from zero, with a little TypeScript, then start working with React: its core constructs and how it works with components, modules, and of course the ubiquitous model/view/controller approach. Bring your laptop, a buddy, and a caffeinated beverage of your choice, because once you strap in, it's going to be a hands-on lecture/lab ride.

Learning points:

  • React's core constructs
  • How React works with components and modules
  • How to use React in a model/view/controller approach